The Drouth's content has increasingly gone beyond just the written word or the printed image, and we now work with a number of artists, actors, composers, musicians, filmmakers and photographers on exclusive events,  performances and specially commissioned audio-visual works. Drouth TV is the moving-image section of our magazine, keeping you abreast of recent happenings and allowing you to enjoy recent works from our contributors.

GO TELL IT ON THE GREEN 1: Peter McCaughey talk  'Unmute,' The People's Palace 24th May 2012

In GO TELL IT ON THE GREEN The Drouth and GSA bear witness to the fall of Douglas Gordon’s artwork at Glasgow Green Station and the hidden historical tradition it signifies. ‘Proof’ cited mutely dates of rising, resistance and rebellion suppressed in official history.  When the high winds earlier this year blew down one of the walls of the closed Glasgow Green station and exposed his formerly enclosed testimony to these dates, Network Rail moved quickly to bring down this unsafe and dangerous artwork.

On the 24th of May we held a commemorative event at People's Palace with artists, critics, musicians, actors and Aye Wee Wee, the austerity Panda. What were the dates, why are they suppressed in official history?  What happened to this art work? The programme consisted of talks and performances loosely themed around the dates on the mural. In his introductory presentation artist Peter McCaughey, a close collaborator with Gordon, gives his chronology of the formation of the artwork and the ideas behind it.


6th June 2012: An Animated Ruin - a short film about Cardross Seminary by Alfie McQueen (three parts) 

An animated short by Alfie McQueen, featuring Drouth editor Johnny Rodger in his most flattering onscreen appearance to date. Built by Gillespie Kidd and Coia to a design by modernist architects Andy McMillan and Izi Metzstein, Cardross seminary was rendered obsolete by the reforms of Vatican II even before the last concrete had been poured. Located just outside Glasgow, the seminary now lies derelict but remains a site of pilgrimage for architectural enthusiasts, graffiti artists and psychogeographers.

The Drouth first featured the seminary 8 years ago in a special photo essay by Andrew Lee








4th June 2012: Trailer - Boswell in Space (Mitch and Emma reach Auchinleck)





A trailer for the Drouth-sponsored experimental web documentary Boswell in Space by Drouthies Mitch Miller (Editor) and Emma Lennox (our online editor). Based on the life and works of biographer and diarist James Boswell, Boswell in Space is a unique mixture of illustration, memoir, art project and documentary travelogue.





24th May 2012: Unmute 2012 - Michael Mersinis' 3D Reconstruction of Douglas Gordon's artwork on Glasgow Green Station

The Drouth commissioned artist Michael Mersinis to create this 3D reconstruction of Douglas Gordon's installation on the inner walls of the derelict Glasgow Green Station. This artwork by the Turner Prize Winner had decorated the walls since 1990, until this year's high winds blew down the 'mute' wall, exposing the dates. Before a campaign could be organised to secure and buttress this important artwork, Network Rail moved in to demolish the remaining wall, obliterating a beautiful relic of Glasgow's municipal architecture, and an important piece of public art.




28th April 2012: Kelman Stories at Sonic Fusion Music Festival, Salford

Film of a performance by Gordon Munro and composer Stephen Davismoon in their recent collaboration 'Kelman Stories', at the Sonic Fusion Music Festival 2012.


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