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Telling Stories Exhibition

The Market Gallery has curated a special graphics/ illustration exhibition in conjuction with the comic book strand at the Glasgow Film Festival. Notable names include the former Drouth cover artist, David Shrigley and Frank Quitely. It will also be the first chance to see an original Red Road Dialectogram by Mitch Miller.

Line up in full:

David Shrigley

Frank Quitely
Gary Erskine

Jamie Grant
Sorcha Edwards

Stuart Murray
Anna Tanner

Mitch Miller
Chris Connelly

Penny Sharp
Curt Sibling

Innes Smith

Evy Craig

Lewie Wicksted

Helen Shaddock Honeypears

Event description: Graphic novels such as Kick Ass have recently infiltrated the main stream through their translationonto screen. Market Gallery presents graphic artists contributing to this creative boom, juxtaposingthem with contemporary fine artists who also use storytelling and narrative to construct their own unique worlds.

Scotland is world renowned for its story telling. This exhibition aims to celebrate this legacy whilst examining the relationship between illustration, film and fine art and encourage discussion about how these seemingly autonomous media share common themes and motivations.

The opening is Friday 11th February 6pm-9pm. And the Exhibition will run until March 6th. For more information see