Launching The Drouth 51 ‘NORTH’

Election Day-plus-1   –6pm Fri May 8

@New Glasgow Society

1307 Argyle Street, Glasgow

Fed Up with the #GE2015? Time to ask:

What are borders? Where should borders be set? Who gets to set them?

As ever, The Drouth takes you beyond the soundbites…

Clear away the fog of Farage-isms and Fortress-Britain rhetoric and get a bit of perspective on questions of state, identity and uneasy political unions with a showing of excerpts from the Israeli/Palestinian film  5 Broken Cameras.

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Paddy's Market Revisited

A multimedia exhibition to mark 5 years since the closure of Paddy’s Market, by CHRIS LESLIE.

Opening Night: Thursday 15 May 6-9pm

Special Screening of CLYDESIDE FILM (1984) and Paddy's Market short film.

Curated by

Refreshments and Music! ALL WELCOME

Exhibition runs from the 16th March - 24th March

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#IndyD: Special Screening and Christmas Launch @ New Glasgow Society, 12th December 2013.

 #IndyD: The Drouth's Christmas Launch and Party, New Glasgow Society, 12th December 2013, 7pm


A special screening of David Peat's THIS MINE IS OURS in association with DOCUMENT International Human Rights Film Festival.

Industrial Democracy

Industrial Design

Industrial Documentary

Industrial Democracy In the years after the ‘84 Miners Strike, when all coal mines in Scotland were gradually shut down, a group comprising ex-miners from Ayrshire, Fife and Lothians put their savings together and financed the reopening of Scotland’s deepest mine, Monktonhall, as a collective enterprise.

Industrial Design Austro-Hungarian architect Egon Riss had designed a few buildings in Vienna before escaping the Nazis in the1930s to come to these shores. In 1947 he started work as the architect for the newly nationalised National Coal Board, and in the 50s and 60s he designed the modernist pit head buildings for six super pits across Scotland. This made him one of the most prominent modernist industrial architects in Scotland.  All these buildings have now been demolished.

Industrial Documentary David Peat worked as a cameraman and photographer in a range of locations, from 1970s Belfast to the Amazon. But since his death in 2012 it is his personal work, in particular his bearing witness to the decline of industrial Scotland,that has come to define him. This Mine is Ours typifies his approach to observational documentary – intimate, committed and deeply sympathetic.

Plus IndyDJ

Artist Chris Dooks will be playing his latest music/word sounds after the film and discussion. There will be a free giveaway of his 12inch coloured vinyl disc for all who attend. (sponsored by the Drouth)

Free Event - all welcome, so spread the word

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Gordon Munro performs 'Kelman Stories' at Sonic Fusion Festival, April 2012

Johnny Rodger, Drouth editor @ large was able to film the performance at Salford University's Sonic Fusion Music Festival (28th April 2012) of Kelman Stories, a piece specially commissioned and funded by The Drouth. Composer (and Drouth editor) Steve Davismoon and actor Gordon Munro presented their multimedia piece based on a Kelman short story. You can see it here courtesy of our new YouTube channel.

Our thanks to Steve Davismoon, Gordon Munro and James Kelman.




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The Drouth@ Sonic Fusion Festival, University of Salford

THE DROUTH has teamed up with SONIC FUSION MUSIC FESTIVAL  and the UNIVERSITY OF SALFORD to present a Workshop and Two Concerts at MEDIACITY UK on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th April.

2pm-5pm @MCUK 0.06 the EGG Afternoon Workshop on the work of Cornelius Cardew led by Richard Craig and Alex South (click to read the related Drouth article)

‘Sketches towards a Performance of Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise’
Richard Craig and Alex South

7:30pm @MCUK 0.11 DPL Evening Concert: Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise

In his Treatise, a graphic score of epic length and visual beauty, Cardew subjects a set of 67 elements (including numerals and symbols of musical notation) to various transformative processes, creating a continuous visuo-musical narrative akin to a novel or symphony in its dramatic scope. Inspired by Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Tractatus-Logico-Philosophicus, Treatise is similarly ambitious; but whereas Wittgenstein attempts to untie philosophers from the conceptual knots of their thinking, Cardew attempts to release classical musicians from their often self-imposed constraints and musical habits. Asserting somewhat paradoxically that “the sound should be a picture of the score,” Cardew’s Treatise contains both an invitation to improvise and an admonition to be governed by the score. Occupying him for four years of his short but very intense compositional life, Treatise embodies Cardew’s creative evolution from Stockhausen’s assistant to founder of the Scratch Orchestra, but remains somewhat mysterious in its meaning. “Treatise: What is it?” Cardew wondered in 1965, before answering: “Well, it’s a vertebrate...”.

ALEX SOUTH on Clarinets
DANIEL PADDEN on Percussion

10:30pm Maxwell Hall UoS Later event: audio-visual concert II

Tonight’s event will feature  performances by Gordon Munro and Stephen Davismoon in their recent collaboration Kelman Stories. See a related Drouth article.

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The Red Cockatoo launches this October...

The latest book by Drouth editors Johnny Rodger and Mitch Miller The Red Cockatoo: James Kelman and the Art of Commitment is now on sale.

As well as being able to see the book and the tenth anniversary edition, we will have a range of entertainments;

- Gordon Munro and Steve Davismoon: Kelman's short stories as Music
- Music from Clark Innes, Raymond Burke and Joyce Falconer
- Unseen documentary film of Kelman, Noam Chomsky, Douglas Gordon, Alasdair Gray, Tom Leonard and other from 1990
-Kelman dialectograms
- and more...

...did we mention there is also wine, and beer - and the event is FREE?


Find out more about the book and other special launch events throughout October in our Kelman & the City tab.

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Telling Stories Exhibition

The Market Gallery has curated a special graphics/ illustration exhibition in conjuction with the comic book strand at the Glasgow Film Festival. Notable names include the former Drouth cover artist, David Shrigley and Frank Quitely. It will also be the first chance to see an original Red Road Dialectogram by Mitch Miller.

Line up in full:

David Shrigley

Frank Quitely
Gary Erskine

Jamie Grant
Sorcha Edwards

Stuart Murray
Anna Tanner

Mitch Miller
Chris Connelly

Penny Sharp
Curt Sibling

Innes Smith

Evy Craig

Lewie Wicksted

Helen Shaddock Honeypears

Event description: Graphic novels such as Kick Ass have recently infiltrated the main stream through their translationonto screen. Market Gallery presents graphic artists contributing to this creative boom, juxtaposingthem with contemporary fine artists who also use storytelling and narrative to construct their own unique worlds.

Scotland is world renowned for its story telling. This exhibition aims to celebrate this legacy whilst examining the relationship between illustration, film and fine art and encourage discussion about how these seemingly autonomous media share common themes and motivations.

The opening is Friday 11th February 6pm-9pm. And the Exhibition will run until March 6th. For more information see


Glasgow Music and Film Festival 2011


NYOS Futures- Vanishing Boundaries


A cross art form project combining elements of film, music, animation, electronic soundscapes, story telling and live performance. Drouth editor Johnny Rodger provides the writing talent for this vibrant performance which looks at the themes of vanishing boundaries.


20 February 2011, 19:30, Peel Hall, Salford University, free but ticketed---Box Office: 0161 295 7240

21 February 2011, 20:00, The Arches, Glasgow, £9 (£6)---Box Office: 0141 565 1000


For more information visit the NYOS website.

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Drouth event - High Rise, the future in the past

To launch the latest issue of the Drouth, "Foundation", an event was held on the 19th January at the CCA with talks from filmmaker Chris Leslie, photographer Nicky Bird and Mitch Miller, presenting his dialectogram illustrations.


Event description:

UN figures show that by the early 1960s Scotland’s percentage public housing building output was the highest in the world (ie higher than Soviet Russia, Communist Eastern Europe or China). From the late 50s when government subsidies for each floor over the 6th were introduced, much of this housing was high-rise. Glasgow itself is said to have built more high-rise housing per head of population --largely in the 60s and early 70s- than any other city in Europe. It is now said to have the biggest high-rise demolition programme in the whole of Europe. What is the significance of this story? Three artists engage with this momentous social history.


These artists--a filmmaker, an illustrator and a photographer-- give presentations of their work on an important part of Scotland’s history. We show a film, present and discuss a new form of drawing developed specially for representing life in this form of housing, and a photographic project, which all record, remember, and investigate the high rise social housing, particularly those built in Sighthill and Red Road in Glasgow, and Adler in Dundee.


Chris Leslie's photographs of Haiti are featured in the latest issue of the Drouth.

Ragged University features Glasgow Dialectograms

Drouth editor Mitch Miller appeared as part of the inaugural series of lectures for the Ragged University, discussing his on-going Glasgow Dialectograms project  (  

The Ragged University is a free network of events, lectures and resources that sets out to encourage flexible and diverse debate with books, open source accredited lectures and many other reliable sources of knowledge.

The speaker’s notes and presentation are available from the website

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Glasgow architects win with help of a punt from the Drouthers

Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland

Best Building of the Year Award



Drouth editor Johnny Rodger and regular contributor , photographer Andrew Lee, wrote a critical feature on Elder & Cannon’s Shettleston Housing Association  for the London based  Architects Journal which helped in the push to win the £25000 award for the building. See the images and read the article here.

Drouth collaborates with Montage film podcast

Here's the idea; a selection of Drouth essays on film from the last 10 years (yes, as of January 2011, The Drouth will have been around that long) will be adapted, and recorded for broad - that is, pod -cast, on Montage, the hugely popular and entertaining film podcast produced in Glasgow.

First podcast out now

The exciting Drouth-Montage combination has finally arrived. The first Montage podcast to include work by the Drouth is available. It includes Drouth work on 3D films by Miriam Ross along with great chat on Inception, Toy Story 3, and Part 2 of an interview with the Pixar animators.

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