3D model designed by Michael Mersinis


An exhibition inspired by Douglas Gordon's Proof (1990) curated by Johnny Rodger and Mitch Miller

Featuring Contributions From: Michael Mersinis, Ross Sinclair, Dave Allen, Peter McCaughey, Pat Donald, Stephen Davismoon, Gordon Munro

New Glasgow Society, 1307 Argyle St., Glasgow

26th April - 17th May 2013.

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A limited edition book exploring the legacy and context to Proof, edited by Mitch Miller and Johnny Rodger.

Available at STATIONS OF THE GREEN and direct from The Drouth.

Both of these productions reflect on the fall of Douglas Gordon’s hidden artwork at Glasgow Green Station and the hidden historical tradition it signifies.  ‘Proof’ cited mutely the dates of rising, resistance and rebellion suppressed in official history.  When the high winds of early 2012 blew down one of the walls of the closed Glasgow Green station and exposed his formerly enclosed testimony to these dates, Network Rail moved quickly to bring down this unsafe and dangerous artwork.

Beginning with GO TELL IT ON THE GREEN, a commemorative event at held on a hot Thursday evening at the People's Palace Museum in May 2012, DEMOLITION PROOF and STATIONS OF THE GREEN is a new rolling Drouth project investigating space, history, power, politics and art.

We will be making a full update soon, but for now, feel free to enjoy this preview of Michael Mersinis' 3D Model of the artwork, and some material from May 2012 event.



24th May 2012, The People's Palace, Glasgow Green, 6-8pm: The Drouth and GSA tell it on the Green

From left to right - Ray McKenzie, Michael Merisinis, Gordy Munro, Peter McCaughey, Ross Sinclair, Raymond Burke, Mitch Miller. Photo by Emma Lennox.

What were the dates, why are they suppressed in official history?  What happened to this art work? A group of artists, actors and writers came together to offer their perspectives.

Click below to hear from artist Peter McCaughey on why Douglas Gordon's lost artwork is - was - of such importance.

Read the presentation notes here.

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