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The Drouth (‘The Thirst’) is a quarterly magazine published in Glasgow, Scotland. Founded in 2001 by Mitch Miller and Johnny Rodger, we continue to pursue our original remit, to give space to writers and artists to stimulate debate on literature, film politics, reportage, visual culture, music and architecture.

Every issue has a particular theme, a guest editor (usually someone of distinction in a given field) and guest cover artist. Our contributors are artists, scholars and commentators who engage with prevalent political and social concerns through their respective disciplines. While we provide a theme and some initial ideas, we offer contributors freedom to explore new ideas and unfamiliar territories.


We are very active in the Scottish arts scene and regularly organize events, screenings, exhibitions and talks in partnership with various arts and grassroots organisations.

We have also undertaken various special projects and published a series of books on politics, art and culture. (see Books).   


Editorial Team

Mitch Miller

Johnny Rodger

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Emma Lennox (Web Edition)

The members of our Editorial Board are drawn from a range of disciplines:

David Archibald, Freelance Film Journalist and Lecturer, University of Glasgow

Gerry Carruthers, Head of Dept Scottish Literature, University of Glasgow

Steve Davismoon, Composer and Lecturer in Music, University of Salford

Owen Dudley Edwards, Author, Broadcaster and Honorary Fellow in History, University of Edinburgh

Dorian Grieve, Linguist and Editor, also of University of Glasgow

Emily Munro, Programmer and Head of Learning, The Glasgow Film Theatre

Ruaridh Nicoll, Journalist and Novelist

Elke Weissmann, Lecturer in Film and Television, Liverpool Edgehill University

Miriam Ross, Lecturer in Film, University of Victoria, New Zealand

Simon Kovesi, Head of English, Oxford Brookes University